Is Our Earth the Villain?

“Mother of Earth”, “beauty of the nature”. We all just love the Earth don’t we? But what if, in all actuality, it’s the villain?
Earth gives each one of us a soul and a body. Directs the soul to feed its body with water and food, keep it safe from harm, decades till the body’s too frail it can no longer survive.
Makes the soul feel “hurt”—a negative feeling—the moment it refuses to do any of the aforementioned.
Engineers males to bond with females and vice versa, makes them want to create more bodies because they’re engineered to feel their newborns would be so “cute”–a positive feeling.
As earthlings aren’t we just serving—or in practical terms, “suffering for”—the villain aka the Earth?
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Need Two Books Written

What’s a catchy way to tell a writer you need them to author a book? That they’re free for it to have any genre, topic, whatsoever, but you need a sequel written for it right alongside the first book?

Can you inform all of these in a single sentence spoken from your mouth?

Present them with a book. Let the book’s covers be blank, its front and its back, through and through. Let its pages follow the same fashion, pages and pages with nothing but emptiness.

At this point, chances are the writer would be confused. Now, simply tell them…

“I need a sequel written based on this book”.

Love Is a Drug

A random person you once never knew comes to your life and makes you feel feelings you’ve never felt before. Hence, you become an addict to that drug aka Love. Logic gives way to the drug-induced feelings, or in more commonly known terms, Heart takes over your Brain. It’s the strongest euphorian Oxytocin and Dopamine releasing drug a human can ever consume quite simply because we’re all hardwired that way from birth for reproduction purposes. Once you get a taste of it and you realise there’s no other way to feel the same way, you become addicted to the dealer of that drug; or in your words, to your “lover”.

God is in a Schrodinger’s Box

As an Agnostic, I’m just on the fence.
I won’t say God exists.
I won’t say God doesn’t exist either.
I’m just saying as yet another human being inside a plethora of humans that make assumptions based on matters/incidents they’ve observed inside the ‘observable universe’ using their limited technology and 5 senses,
Or simply based on a religious book they’ve taken for granted,
there’s a quite obvious infinite possibility we’re missing a hell of a lot going on out there.
The way I see it, God is simply inside a Schrodinger’s box that’d never get opened.

‘Super-intelligence’ is scarier than you think. *able to think **allowed to think

“Humanity’s position on this planet depends on its Intelligence. So if our intelligence is exceeded, it’s unlikely that we will remain in charge of the planet”

Elon Musk’s take on Artificial Intelligence

Made me wonder, what if a ‘super-intelligence’ – not a super-intelligence, maybe a centillion number of intelligence, or – passing the human measurement limits – an infinite quantity of intelligence – is already among us? But we’re just not intelligent enough to notice or understand it?

That’s where a possibility of a matrix comes in. Isn’t it pretty obvious that us humans can’t possibly be the most intelligent species to ever live or have lived in this endless gigantic universe? Doesn’t that grant the possibility that we already are being manipulated without us ever noticing? Much like how a mosquito would never know why you’d kill it. Instinctively it’d fly away whenever you try to catch it, but it will never know why you’d try to do so in the first place.

I believe this is where Agnosticism ultimately kicks in. Whenever human intelligence -science- cannot explain something, we say “God did it. Don’t question his methods, it’s a sin“. But isn’t “God” just the human’s way of addressing the aforementioned ‘super-intelligence’?

Loads of what if’s and isn’t it’s here but left unanswered these thoughts just keep me awake at night.